Bit Heroes


A pixelated MMORPG full of dungeons for you to pillage



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Bit Heroes is an MMORPG with retro style where you can create your own adventurer to delve into dangerous dungeons full of all sorts of monsters. Of course, you can also come into contact with other players and even fight against them in PvP arenas.

When you start playing Bit Heroes, you can create your own hero, choosing the hair type and color, skin color, and gender. Once you've created your own adventurer, you can start looting dungeons. It won't take you long to discover that not only can you destroy enemies ... you can also recruit them to join your group of dungeon pillagers.

The combats in Bit Heroes are turn-based, but they're really simple. When it's your turn, you can only choose the ability you want to use, but not which enemy you want to attack. In fact, if you want things to go more quickly, you can speed up the combats and even automate them.

As in all traditional MMORPGs, in Bit Heroes, you can level up your character and improve his abilities. You can also find new equipment like weapons, armor, rings, and other items that let you get all sorts of new powers.

Bit Heroes is a charming MMORPG with excellent graphics and an addictive gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Get looting!

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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